Monday, April 30, 2012

Study Regularly for Success

Study Regularly for Success

Study Regularly for Success

A student has to collect bits and pieces of knowledge with interest and passion. He has to know that each bit and piece of knowledge will become the means to earn income and goodwill in the future.
Knowledge worker is a popular term these days, and knowledge workers work with the knowledge they possess. Students may try to get degrees and certificaties through various means without obtaining adequate knowledge. But certificates and degrees do not help in doing the work. Only knowledge will help in doing the work.
Some of the suggestions by various experts on study plans are as follows:
         ·         Make a list of topics you have covered, arrange it in order of priority & follow this in order in your revision too.                 
       ·        Make revision a part of your strategy for success

·         Your revision should be completed well before your exams. Concentrate on the important topics, diagrams and formulae.

·         Go through the summary and notes you have made while revising

·         Practice Mathematics one hour every day to overcome the fear and anxiety.                                                                                         

·         Practice old question papers. These give you a clear clue as to what examiners generally look for.

·         Memorize essential facts and formulas. Study essential facts and formulas more intensely so that you can recollect them better.

·         Writing an answer is the best way to revise. Write out likely questions and answer them   

·         Make up questions that you think could be on the exam day and try to answer them.

·         Avoid looking for reasons not to do work                                                                    

   Tip: When you are well prepared you experience less stress


IIT JEE 2010 Aspirants - Study Plan



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