Saturday, May 16, 2015

Analysis of JEE Main 2015 Question Papers

JEE Main 2015 was held on 4 April and online version was held on 10 & 11 April.

In Chemistry there were  more theory based or factual questions.Subject-wise there was an equal distribution of topics, with 50% of the questions from 11th standard and the other half from the 12th.

In Physics, most questions were numerical in nature. Theory-based questions were sparse. Only a small number of questions were direct. A lot of them involved data interpretation and calculation.

Mathematics paper had questions from various topics. A lot of questions from the previous years paper were present in modified way. It shows the importance of taking time  to practice old papers. A Good number of questions were based on the syllabus of the 11th standard. Hence in all subjects, text books of both XI and XII have to be studied with equal seriousness

Teachers feel that those who had gone in for thorough knowledge of the subject  rather than studying only some important topics will definitely score well in the subjects.

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